Former Commander of Afghan Special Forces Launches Political Front Against Taliban In US

Thursday, 10/19/2023

The “Afghanistan United Front" led by Sami Sadat, former commander of the Afghan army's special forces, launched in the United States.

The founding members of the front stressed that they would work to "liberate Afghanistan from the occupation of the Taliban, drive out extremist groups" and work for the welfare of Afghan citizens.

Sami Sadat, the leader of the Afghanistan United Front, said that in August 2021 when the Taliban took over power, Afghanistan once again fell into the hands of the perpetrators of the September 11 attack.

He said that currently, about 16,000 al-Qaeda members receive military training in Afghanistan, and their leaders meet and travel freely in the Middle East.

Sadat claimed that in October 2021, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and the person in charge of Al-Qaeda's international operations at the time, inspired by the "success of the Taliban," decided to "reconcile" Shia and Sunni terrorist groups in the Middle East and focus on their enmity with the United States.

According to this military officer of the previous Afghan government, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban work together in the training and military exercises of "terrorists" and prepare them for attacks in Africa, the Middle East, and even Europe.

According to Sadat, currently, the former base of American forces near Kandahar Airfield has become a training centre for suicide bombers.

He said that Al-Qaeda has a close relationship with the Taliban and now the Ministry of Defence of the group uses Al-Qaeda members for military training of its forces.

Sadat said, "Afghanistan is currently a haven for dozens of terrorist groups and they are preparing for overseas operations."

He stated that with the Taliban gaining power, terrorism in Afghanistan has gained opportunity, space, and inspiration. Sadat said that the Taliban are setting up hundreds of schools, brainwashing children, and preparing them for overseas operations.

Referring to the humanitarian situation and increased migration from Afghanistan, he said that the Taliban are indifferent to their own people, but they are a "good host" for international terrorism.

Sadat added that as citizens of Afghanistan, "we cannot sit idly by this situation”.

He said that he wants "a united Afghanistan under one flag, with the inclusion of all minorities and a constitutional order".

The leader of the Afghanistan United Front emphasised that he is in favour of forming a legitimate government in a peaceful way and "if possible, through dialogue and participation of the Taliban in the elections". However, Sadat said that if the Taliban do not want to hold these elections, resorting to "force" will be necessary.

Referring to the previous government, Sadat said that Afghan soldiers didn’t "lack will and courage", but "rather, the United States and the Afghan armed forces failed because of failed policies”.

After the Taliban’s takeover of power in Afghanistan, several political organisations have been created by exiled political leaders and former government officials.

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