Afghan Political Analyst’s Family Claims Taliban’s Intelligence Department Detained Him

Friday, 11/10/2023

The family of Mohammad Omar Nahzat, an Afghan political analyst, reported that he had been detained by agents of the Taliban’s intelligence directorate on Thursday.

A family member informed Afghanistan International that he was taken to the Taliban’s intelligence office in Kabul, but his current situation and fate remains unknown.

He added: "[Our family members] could not find out about his well-being despite frequent visits and calls to the relevant security agencies of the Taliban."

According to this family member of Nahzat, Taliban fighters arrested him from his house in Kabul.

Nahzat’s family said that he is at the Taliban intelligence office in Kabul, but it is not clear as to which department he was taken to.

Nahzat is one of the analysts who has criticised the Taliban’s policies, mainly in the domestic media.

Last time, he spoke about the deportation of Afghan immigrants from Pakistan and Taliban’s position regarding the matter on one of the private TV channels.

His family has said that it is not yet clear whether the Taliban detained him because of his comments in the interview or for other reasons.

According to them, the Taliban has not given any explanation regarding his detention.

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