Controversial Pro-Taliban YouTuber Claims to Raise Taliban Flag in Europe

Saturday, 11/18/2023

Belgian-based Afghan YouTuber Jamil Qaderi, known for his pro-Taliban stance, has stirred controversy by posting a photo with a Taliban official and the group's flag, claiming to have raised it in Europe.

The photo, taken in Germany, shows Qaderi alongside Abdul Bari Omar, the Taliban's National Food and Drugs Administration Director, who recently delivered a contentious speech in Cologne, Germany.

Omar, during his visit to an Islamic center in Cologne, lauded the Taliban leadership and government. His speech and presence have sparked significant reactions. The German Foreign Ministry, expressing strong disapproval, is probing Omar's entry into Germany, stating that no visa was issued for him. However, the Taliban's Bakhtar news agency reported Omar's participation in the World Local Production Forum in the Netherlands.

Qaderi, residing in Belgium since 2010 and granted asylum there for two years, regularly endorses Taliban activities on social media, including YouTube. In anticipation of Omar's visit, Qaderi teased "good news and historical events" on a social network while driving in the Netherlands.

In June, Belgian Deputy Minister of Immigration Nicole de Maure called for a reassessment of Qaderi's asylum status, highlighting the contradiction in his support for a regime he allegedly fled. Qaderi, celebrating his actions, posted: 'It is necessary for the Muslim nation to spare their lives and money in this way. Almighty Allah wanted the Muhammadan flag to be officially waved by my hands on the continent of Europe, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.'"

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