UN Special Coordinator Asserts No Desire for Taliban Government Collapse

Wednesday, 02/07/2024

Quoting Feridun Sinirlioglu, UN Special Coordinator for Afghanistan, the Taliban has stated that there is no desire for the collapse of their government, and stakeholders want them to join the international community.

In a meeting with Abdul Kabir, the Taliban’s Deputy Prime Minister, Sinirlioglu said that the Taliban must be committed to international laws.

The Taliban has propagated this matter, while the UN stated that various armed factions, such as the National Resistance Front and the Afghanistan Freedom Front, are actively engaged in efforts to oust the Taliban government.

According to the Taliban's announcement, Sinirlioglu in the meeting said that significant decisions regarding Afghanistan will be made at the forthcoming Doha meeting.

The UN Special Coordinator for Afghanistan, as per the statement, emphasised that the international community, including the United States and European countries, expressed a keen interest in establishing relations with the Taliban.

Also, Sinirlioglu has said that the World Bank will hold a meeting regarding Afghanistan in the near future.

In this meeting, Abdul Kabir stressed about on the imperative for the Doha meeting to address crucial matters such as the reconstruction of Afghanistan, the provision of humanitarian aid, and the removal of banking sanctions.

Sinirlioglu had previously met with Amir Khan Muttaqi, the foreign minister of the Taliban, and discussed the Doha meeting.

Muttaqi stated that his decision to participate in the meeting would be contingent on receiving information about the agenda and composition of the gathering.

The Doha meeting about Afghanistan is scheduled to be held on 18 and 19 of February.

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