In View of Elections, Pakistan Temporarily Seals Borders With Afghanistan And Iran

Wednesday, 02/07/2024

The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that to safeguard the integrity of the imminent general elections, Pakistan will temporarily seal its borders with Afghanistan and Iran.

This closure, detailed in an announcement on X, will halt all cargo and pedestrian movements across these borders on February 8.

Movement through these international borders is scheduled to resume on Friday, February 9, as per the ministry's statement.

Previously, Pakistani customs authorities indicated that the nation's border checkpoints with Afghanistan would shut down for a 24-hour period starting at midnight on Thursday.

The parliamentary elections in Pakistan, set for Thursday, February 8, are being held under the shadow of potential security threats.

This decision to close the northern and western borders of Pakistan was made in the aftermath of two fatal bombings in Balochistan province on Wednesday, which resulted in at least 22 fatalities and numerous injuries.

In response to these security concerns, Balochistan has recently proclaimed a state of emergency to ensure the smooth conduct of the national elections.

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