Taliban's Foreign Ministry Calls On Global Community To Prevent 'Massacre' In Gaza

Monday, 02/12/2024

The Taliban's Foreign Ministry condemned the operations by Israel in the city of Rafah, southern Gaza, calling on the international community to prevent the massacre of Palestinians and the occupation of the region.

Taliban appealed to countries worldwide, especially Islamic nations and human rights organisations, to take action on this matter.

On Monday, the group issued a statement urging countries and international bodies to seek a fundamental solution to the Palestinian issue.

The statement from the Taliban's Foreign Ministry added, "The continuation of genocide in Gaza poses serious questions to the prevailing international order and its values."

The ministry's statement further noted, "This century's genocide will further diminish the already weak credibility of international organisations and humanitarian conventions."

The Taliban's request comes at a time when they are accused of killing former security forces, arbitrarily detaining women and Afghan citizens, and have not demonstrated adherence to international conventions.

The group has also been accused of "gender apartheid" due to the ban on girls' education and the oppression of women.

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