Taliban Growing Bolder In Attacks Against Women, Says HRW

Thursday, 04/11/2024

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) has reported that after two and a half years of systematic abuses against women and girls, the Taliban has become bolder in its attacks against women.

Citing the resumption of stoning women to death, the organisation said that the Taliban is imposing abusive moral and social norms on Afghan women.

On Wednesday, HRW wrote on X social media platform expressing concerns that the Taliban's adoption of one abusive policy after another has brought them to their current position, largely due to a lack of accountability from the international community.

HRW emphasised on the importance of governments holding the Taliban responsible for severe violations of women's and girls' rights, urging actions such as filing cases under the women’s rights convention in the International Court of Justice.

The organisation also warned that if these unchecked abuses persist, even more, severe crimes may follow.

Rina Amiri, the US Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Girls, and Human Rights, previously warned that without global support for Afghan women, women's rights everywhere are at risk.

On April 9, 2023, the UN Women’s Office stated that excluding Afghan women from decision-making processes deprives Afghanistan of crucial opportunities to emerge from the crisis.

Over the past two and a half years, women in Afghanistan have been denied fundamental rights such as education, employment, sports, travel, visiting parks, and freely walking in the streets.

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