Tripling of Arrests & Deportations of Afghan Migrants in Tehran During Nowruz

Wednesday, 04/17/2024

The Head of the General Department for Foreign Nationals and Migrants in Tehran, Ehsan Heidari, has reported a significant increase in the deportation of illegal Afghan migrants within the province.

Heidari disclosed that during Nowruz 1403, over 8,000 illegal Afghan migrants were arrested in parks and subsequently sent to deportation camps.

The Young Journalists Club news agency reported on Tuesday that Heidari emphasised on his department's commitment to continue the crackdown on illegal Afghan migrants in Tehran until every last one has been deported.

Additionally, the head of the department highlighted that during Nowruz 1402, more than 7,000 Afghan migrants were similarly detained in recreational parks and deported to Afghanistan.

In recent months, the Islamic Republic has intensified its efforts to arrest and deport Afghan migrants, resulting in the daily forced expulsion of dozens of individuals from Iran.

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