Afghanistan Green Trend Exposes Senior Intelligence Officials of Taliban

Thursday, 04/18/2024

The Afghanistan Green Trend (AGT), led by Amrullah Saleh, former Vice/President of Afghanistan, has publicly revealed the names, positions, and contact numbers of 49 senior officials from the Taliban's General Directorate of Intelligence.

On Thursday, AGT labeled these officials as "masked terrorists”.

The disclosed list includes notable figures such as Mawlawi Abdullah Ghaznavi, the Chief of Staff of the Taliban's intelligence chief; Dr Bashir, Director of Counterintelligence; Hafizullah Gohar, Head of Border and Foreign Intelligence; Mawlawi Mustaqim Rahib, Head of Intelligence at the Ministry of Defence; and Mufti Abdul Hadi, Head of Taliban’s Intelligence in Panjshir Province.

In its statement, AGT declared its intent, "We aim to mock and break the spell of oppression and the anti-national practices of the Taliban, and to boost the morale for resistance."

AGT criticises the Taliban for lacking legitimacy, education, and a national vision, stating that they are incapable of continuing the subjugation of Afghanistan's forty million people.

The Taliban is yet to respond to this latest exposé from AGT.

Additionally, under the leadership of Amrullah Saleh, the Afghanistan Green Trend has recently released significant information, including the leadership roster of the ministries of defence and interior, the fiscal year 1403 budget of the Ministry of Defence, and details about aircraft under Taliban control in Afghanistan.

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