Islamic Republic Executes Four Afghan Prisoners, Human Rights Group Reports

Saturday, 04/20/2024

The human rights organisation Haalvsh has reported that on early Thursday morning, four Afghan prisoners were executed at Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad.

According to Haalvsh, the prisoners were arrested in 2019 on charges related to drug trafficking and were later sentenced to death by a court.

The executed individuals have been identified by the organisation as Zaman Taheri, Salam Taheri, Gholam Qader Samani, and Ebrahim Norzehi. Notably, Zaman Taheri and Salam Taheri were brothers.

Sources referenced by Haalvsh indicated that the prisoners were moved from a general ward dealing with drug crimes to solitary confinement in Vakilabad Prison on Wednesday, with their executions carried out at dawn the following day.

Additional details regarding these individuals have not been disclosed.

As of now, Iranian officials have not commented on the executions.

Historically, the Islamic Republic has executed several Afghan prisoners for drug-related offences and other crimes.

Haalvsh also reported last Monday that another Afghan prisoner was executed at the same facility for drug-related offences.

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