90 Percent Of Those Detained by Taliban Are Political Prisoners, Says US State Department

Tuesday, 04/23/2024

The US State Department has said in its annual report on human rights that despite declaring a "general amnesty," the Taliban has continued to detain and kill individuals affiliated with the previous Afghan government.

The department said that 90% of those in Taliban’s prisons are political prisoners.

The US State Department published a report on the human rights situation in several countries, including Afghanistan, in 2023.

The report stated that the Taliban often detain Afghan citizens arbitrarily, without clear legal bases and in the absence of a legal mechanisms.

As per the report, the Taliban detained individuals last year for prolonged periods without any judicial process and consistently violated their right to legal representation.

According to the US State Department, nearly all instances of Taliban’s detentions have been carried out unfairly, lacking clear legal justification, and detainees have not been informed of the reasons for their arrest or the charges against them.

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