Turkmenistan & Kazakhstan Halt Exporting Aviation Fuel To Afghanistan

Saturday, 05/18/2024

Khan Jan Alokozai, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, told Afghanistan International that Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan stopped exporting TC-1 fuel to Afghanistan three months ago.

Alokozai added that if this issue is not resolved, the supply of aircraft fuel in Afghanistan will face serious problems.

He also stated that there is no alternative source for supplying such fuel to the Afghan market in the region.

Afghanistan have been importing two to three thousand tankers of TC-1 from Turkmenistan every month, with airlines like Ariana and Kam Air being the primary consumers.

According to Alokozai, the contracting companies have transferred the payment for the fuel to Turkmenistan, but this country is not willing to continue its exports to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, this member of the Chamber of Commerce mentioned that the contracting company, to avoid delays in the process of transporting pilgrims, has purchased some fuel from Belarus at a high price, but Belarus is also not ready to continue exporting TC-1 fuel to Afghanistan.

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