Taliban Announces Inauguration of Women’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry In Maidan Wardak

Tuesday, 05/28/2024

Taliban officials on Monday inaugurated the "Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry" at the Directorate of Industry and Commerce in Maidan Wardak province.

According to the Taliban's press release, this is the first time a women's chamber of commerce and industry has been established in this province.

At the inauguration ceremony, Fariba Noori, the deputy head of the Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that the chamber would operate in accordance with "Islamic Sharia law and Taliban regulations”.

The Taliban's press release mentioned that so far, women's chambers of commerce and industry have been established in 20 provinces of Afghanistan.

Taliban officials described the opening of this chamber as "very necessary and beneficial" for women's business activities.

The Taliban inaugurated this chamber while women in Afghanistan are currently facing extensive employment restrictions.

The Taliban have restricted women's presence in public spaces.

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