First Transit Train from Afghanistan Arrives in Turkiye After 40 Days

Tuesday, 05/28/2024

The Iranian Students’ News Agency, ISNA, reported that the first transit train from Afghanistan has arrived in the Van city of Turkiye, after 40 days.

This train departed from Herat to Turkiye in April and was stopped in Iran for a while.

So far, Taliban and Turkish authorities have not commented on the arrival of this train in Turkiye.

The Taliban Railway Administration had announced that for the first time, 1,100 metric tonnes of minerals have been exported to the Mersin city of Turkiye.

According to ISNA, after a brief stop in Iran, this train arrived in Van, Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, on Tuesday.

Although Iranian authorities have not officially stated the reason for the train's stoppage, media outlets in the country reported, citing an Iranian official, that the transit train from Afghanistan was halted due to a lack of necessary coordination between the eastern railway and customs of Iran.

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