Will Send Delegates For Third Doha Meeting, Announces Taliban

Wednesday, 05/29/2024

The Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the appointment of its representatives for the upcoming third Doha meeting.

Zaker Jalali, a ministry official, stated, "Our representatives will engage in the primary discussions of the third Doha meeting upon receiving the agenda."

Zia Ahmad Takal, Deputy Spokesperson for the Ministry, announced on the social media platform X on Thursday that the Ministry's Centre for Strategic Studies had convened to discuss the group's international engagement strategy for the Doha meeting.

Jalali, a senior figure within the ministry, noted that there are currently no issues with the proposed agenda.

He clarified that the Taliban are awaiting detailed information from the United Nations before finalising their stance.

Scheduled for June 30 and July 1, the third Doha meeting is anticipated to address critical themes including financial and banking structures, drug control, sustainable agriculture, private sector development, and climate change.

According to the Taliban, Jalali expressed the group's intention to interact with the global community without compromising its political autonomy, religious and national values, or the country's stature.
While Jalali did not reveal the identities of the delegates attending the third Doha meeting, he highlighted positive developments in interactions between the meeting’s organisers and hosts.

He further mentioned that in preparation for the upcoming meeting, numerous international delegations had visited Kabul to facilitate the Taliban's participation.

The Taliban had abstained from the previous UN-hosted Doha meetings due to unmet conditions. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, previously reported that the Taliban had submitted specific conditions for their participation, including their opposition to the inclusion of Afghan civil society representatives, expecting recognition as a legitimate government. Guterres noted that their absence had not impacted the second meeting's outcomes.

Recently, Taliban officials indicated that the group had laid out six conditions for their participation in the third meeting during talks with UN and Qatari delegates in Kabul. These include demanding Afghanistan's seat at the United Nations, underscoring their continued push for international legitimacy.

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