Over 70 KPF Members Detained By Taliban Intelligence, Report Local Sources

Wednesday, 05/29/2024

Sources in Khost province told Afghanistan International that 73 members of the former "Khost Protection Force (KPF)," who were trained by the US intelligence, are currently imprisoned by the Taliban intelligence.

According to the sources, they had travelled from the United States to Khost to visit their families.

The sources confirmed to the Pashto section of Afghanistan International on Tuesday, that the Taliban have been holding these members of the so-called "Khost Protection Force" in prison for the past two years.

According to information received, these forces, who had gone to the United States for training, returned to Khost province after receiving their certifications.

The KPF was a group of local soldiers in Khost province, trained and equipped by the US intelligence agency, CIA. This organisation used them to fight the Taliban.

Families of some of the prisoners said that they are afraid to speak out due to fear of the Taliban.

Two residents of the Tani district of Khost, whose family members are imprisoned, said, "When these soldiers came from the United States to Khost, a few days later the Taliban intelligence agents arrested them in the district centre."

The families of these soldiers, who for security reasons refrain from revealing their names, say that members of this unit are being severely tortured in Taliban prisons.

According to sources, the Taliban members are interrogating these individuals because of their programmes and jobs in the United States.

Some families in Khost said that members of the KPF are being held at the Taliban intelligence headquarters in Khost, and the Taliban do not allow them to meet with their family members.

Some residents of Khost confirmed to Afghanistan International that Taliban intelligence officials in the Khost capital and districts have also threatened some families of the KPF members with death.

A source in Khost province said, "The KPF and their families have become a source of income for the Taliban. Taliban members demand dollars in exchange for not harming their families."

One former member of the KPF in the United States said that he is in talks with US officials to help secure the release of his former comrades from Taliban prison.

So far, neither the Taliban nor US officials have officially commented on this matter.

Reports indicate that the number of KPF members reached seven thousand. This unit was solely directed by the CIA, based in Khost, and operated independently of Afghan security institutions.

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