Consider International Procedures While Assigning Diplomats To Mashhad, Iran Tells Taliban

Thursday, 05/30/2024

Nasser Kanaani, the spokesperson for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced that any changes to the Afghan consular staff in Mashhad must comply with the 1963 Vienna Convention.

Kanaani said that the necessary explanations for the changes to the Afghan consular staff in Mashhad have been given to the Taliban’s Chargé d'affaires in Tehran.

He stated that the new individuals "must be introduced to the host government through defined channels and, after obtaining the host government's agreement and receiving visas, enter the host country for the designated mission and commence their specified duties”.

Fars News Agency reported on Thursday, citing Kanaani, that explanations were given on May 18, during a meeting between the Taliban’s Chargé d'affaires in Tehran and the Director-General of South Asia at Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The spokesperson for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the necessary explanations have also been communicated to the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials through various channels.

Fars News Agency, affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), reported, citing sources, that Abdul Jaber Ansar, the Taliban’s Consul-General in Mashhad, Iran has been recalled to Kabul at the end of his mission.

The Taliban have not yet commented on this matter, but the Afghan Consulate in Mashhad announced a temporary halt to the issuance of passports on Wednesday.

The consulate cited technical issues as the reason for the halt in the passport issuance process. The Islamic Republic of Iran, like other countries, does not recognise the Taliban but has handed over the Afghan embassy to the group.

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