NRF, AFF Wage Separate Attacks Against Taliban In Kabul

Saturday, 06/01/2024

The Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) and the National Resistance Front (NRF) have reported two separate attacks against the Taliban in Kabul.

The Afghanistan Freedom Front has claimed responsibility for an explosion in the Khair Khana area of Kabul, stating that the attack resulted in the deaths of two Taliban members and injuries to three others.

Simultaneously, the National Resistance Front reported the killing of two Taliban members in Kabul's police district 5.

Local sources had earlier informed Afghanistan International about a significant explosion in Khair Khana, Kabul. The Afghanistan Freedom Front announced that on Friday evening they attacked a vehicle belonging to the Taliban's Ministry of Interior at the Panjsad Family Hill in Khair Khana, within Kabul's police district 15. AFF has released a video of this attack, showing the explosion.

Meanwhile, the National Resistance Front announced that it had killed two Taliban members and wounded another one in an attack. The Resistance Front emphasised that their attack caused no injuries to their forces or to civilians. In a statement released on Friday, the National Resistance Front reported that the attack took place at 8:25pm. They said that their forces targeted a Taliban vehicle in the Fazelbeg area.

Taliban officials have not yet commented on the attacks by the AFF and NRF. The National Resistance Front has declared that it will continue its "targeted" operations against the Taliban in various parts of the country.

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