ISIS-K Capable Of Launching Operations in Asia & Europe, Reports Long War Journal

Tuesday, 06/11/2024

The Long War Journal reported that ISIS-K, in collaboration with its networks in Central and South Asia, has "acquired the capacity to launch operations" in Asia and Europe.

According to the author of the article, ISIS-K has become a serious threat not only to Afghanistan but also to all Asian and European countries.

Janatan Sayeh, the author of this article published on Monday, wrote that Taliban officials have also acknowledged the increasing influence of ISIS-K in Afghanistan.

Following the US withdrawal, hundreds of ISIS-K prisoners were released from prisons and began recruiting. ISIS-K’s bases are in Nangarhar and Kunar provinces, but its activities have spread to other areas of Afghanistan.

The author quoted a Taliban official as saying that ISIS-K can easily organise attacks in Afghanistan. The ability to mobilise and move weapons and resources indicates a security vacuum in the country.

Transnational Threat of ISIS-K

With the Paris Olympics and the Euro 2024 in Germany approaching, the European Union is on high alert due to the threat posed by ISIS.

The group has conducted attacks in Russia, Iran, and Pakistan, and its members have been arrested in Europe and even the United States. In early May, a man in the US was arrested on charges of being a member of ISIS. He had entered the country illegally in 2022.

In early April 2024, Italy and Turkey arrested ISIS members who were Tajik citizens. Additionally, Germany arrested seven citizens of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan on charges of planning terrorist attacks and membership in ISIS.

As the Euro 2024 approaches, concerns about an ISIS attack have increased. Recently, ISIS has encouraged its forces to target this European competition.

According to a recent report by the cybersecurity firm, Recorded Future, the Paris Olympics face a serious terrorist threat, including from ISIS.

The National newspaper reported on June 5 that ISIS has released a plan to attack the Olympics with drones.

Matt Mooney, a former official of the US Department of Homeland Security, said there is a high probability of a drone attack. He stated that ISIS is seeking to showcase its capabilities.

ISIS released a 56-minute audio file harshly criticising the Taliban for what it called dependency on Iran. The recording claimed that the Taliban protect Iran and Shia Muslims from attacks by the Islamic State.

The report indicates that Iran has cooperated with the Taliban in combating ISIS.

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