Taliban Governor's Bodyguard Killed During Sexual Assault on Woman in Ghor

Tuesday, 06/11/2024

Local sources told Afghanistan International that "Hamid Shamerghak”, the bodyguard of Taliban’s governor for Ghor province, has been killed during a "sexual assault" on a woman.

According to sources, this incident occurred on Monday in Muhajirin town of Firozkoh city, and the woman was also killed in this shooting.

Sources claimed that Mullah Hamid was the governor of Charsada district in Ghor and a close associate of Mullah Ahmad Shah Dindost, the Taliban’s governor of Ghor, and his bodyguard.

Based on images obtained by Afghanistan International, the bodies of the victims are bloody. In these images, the Taliban governor's bodyguard is seen wearing civilian clothes.

Local sources said that the two were shot dead by the woman's husband around 1:00pm on Monday. Sources said that the assailant has been arrested.

Taliban officials have not yet commented on this matter.

Last year, a Taliban member named Mullah Qodus was killed in Firozkoh, the capital of Ghor province, after he was shot while attempting to sexually assault a woman.

In June 2022, credible local sources told Afghanistan International that the head of Taliban’s attorney in Ghor province was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting his bodyguard. He was released from prison without trial following his arrest.

At that time, sources said, "Taliban released Ainuddin Samim Muhajer fearing public backlash and the infamy of the group."

Over the past year, numerous reports of Taliban individuals committing sexual assaults have emerged. However, the Taliban has not yet prosecuted any of its members accused of sexual assault. This is while the Taliban occasionally lash citizens in various provinces on charges of sexual relations, publicly.

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