Value of Afghani & Bank Liquidity Improving, Says Taliban’s Central Bank Chief

Thursday, 06/13/2024

Hidayatullah Badri, the head of the Taliban's Central Bank, has claimed that the value of the Afghani currency has remained stable against the US dollar compared to the currencies of neighbouring countries.

At a meeting of the Central Bank's Supreme Council, Badri stated that the liquidity situation in banks has improved because "people's deposits in the Islamic banking sector have increased by 4% as compared to the previous quarter”.

According to the Bakhtar News Agency, Badri also spoke about the "improvement in the asset status, management, and liquidity of the banks”.

In the past two years, the value of the Pakistani rupee and the Iranian rial against the US dollar has significantly decreased. Additionally, these countries are suffering from severe inflation.

Experts say that the influx of financial aid from Western countries has helped stabilise the value of the Afghani.

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