US Continues To Pursue ISIS Leaders & Militants In Region, Says Pentagon

Thursday, 06/13/2024

Sabrina Singh, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary, responded to a question regarding US involvement in the recent Pakistani military attacks against TTP around the Durand Line in Afghanistan, stating that Washington continues to pursue ISIS leaders and militants in the region.

Singh refrained from providing further details or specifically commenting on the Pakistani military attacks in Afghanistan during the press conference.

US officials have consistently expressed their support for what they call Pakistan's counter-terrorism operations.

Last February, at the same time as the Pakistani military's attack on targets in Khost and Paktika, Pakistani media reported that Donald Blome, the US Ambassador to Islamabad, told Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari in a meeting that Washington supports Islamabad in its fight against terrorism.

At that time, the Pakistani military stated that it had attacked the positions of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) in these two provinces of Afghanistan, killing several militants.

Late last month, the Pakistani military also attacked TTP positions in Paktika.

Pakistan accuses the Afghan Taliban of sheltering TTP in Afghanistan. The Taliban government officials have consistently denied this claim.

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