Taliban Urges Islamic Republic to Recognise Group in Afghanistan

Sunday, 06/23/2024

Zabihullah Mujahid stated that the Taliban expect the Islamic Republic of Iran to recognise the group more than other countries. Mujahid once again urged the Islamic Republic to prioritise the recognition of the Taliban.

In an interview with Tabnak News Agency, published on Sunday, the Taliban spokesperson said, "Our expectation from Iran is higher. The Islamic Republic should have more interactions in the area of recognition compared to other countries, and this recognition should be a priority for the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Mujahid highlighted that the Taliban have achieved good cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in various sectors, including the economic field.

While the Islamic Republic of Iran, like other countries, does not officially recognise the Taliban, it maintains economic and political relations with the group and has handed over the Afghan embassy in Tehran to the Taliban.

Confirming the Taliban's interactions with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mujahid said, "We find these interactions beneficial, and we have more trust in this area, and we will continue to move towards further strengthening these relations."

Over the past three years, despite interacting with the Taliban, the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly emphasised the need for an inclusive government to be formed in Afghanistan.

Earlier in June, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Islamic Republic's Special Representative for Afghanistan, stated after the Contact Group meeting for Afghanistan in Tehran that suggesting a government with the presence of various groups and "competent individuals" in Afghanistan does not mean interfering in Afghanistan's affairs.

However, in his interview with Tabnak News Agency, Mujahid implicitly considered Qomi's request as interference in the Taliban's affairs. He stated, "The formation of the government, the nature of the government system, inclusivity or exclusivity, is specific and belongs to the Afghans and not to any other country."

Regarding the Taliban's non-participation in the Contact Group meeting for Afghanistan in Tehran, Mujahid said that the Taliban have their own policy about participating in certain meetings.

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