Taliban’s “Grand Meet” Begins in Kandahar

Thursday, 08/18/2022

Over 3,000 tribal elders, religious and cultural scholars, and Taliban officials have come to participate in Taliban’s meeting which started in Kandahar on Thursday, as per the group’s affiliated media group Bakhtar News Agency.

According to the agency, “general issues of the country” will be discussed in this meeting.

It has been reported that Hibatullah Akhundzada, supreme leader of the Taliban, will also participate in this one-day meeting.

On Wednesday, Hafiz Noor Ahmad Saeed, head of information and culture of Taliban in Kandahar, said that the purpose of holding this meeting is to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan.

The meeting is currently underway, and no more details have been published about it.

It is the second major meeting of the Taliban that has been held this year. Earlier, the group held a three-day meeting in Kabul in which supporters of the group announced their allegiance to Hibatullah Akhundzada.

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