Taliban-controlled Central Bank Receives Another USD 40 Million Aid Package

Tuesday, 11/08/2022

Taliban-controlled Central Bank on Tuesday, November 8, announced that another package of 40 million dollars reached Kabul.

The bank had announced on Monday that it had received a 40 million aid package in cash as well.

After the Taliban’s takeover, there has been a regular pattern of delivery of cash to the Taliban’s Central Bank as humanitarian aid.

Many aid agencies and activists are concerned about how this aid money is being spent

The United Nations offices in Afghanistan have not responded to these concerns about the spending, supervision, and distribution of aid money by the Taliban.

In fact, as per a May 2022 report published by the Europe Asia Foundation (EAF), the aid given by the world is not distributed efficiently by the Taliban, moreover, war-torn Afghanistan is facing a dearth of funds after sanctions were imposed by donor nations after the Taliban took control of the country.

The report informs that international humanitarian aid to the tune of USD 1.88 billion pledged since mid-2021 has not been distributed efficiently and more than half of all Afghans go hungry.

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