Taliban FM Asks For Group’s Participation in Regional Summits on Afghanistan

Thursday, 03/23/2023

The Taliban foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi has asked regional countries to invite the Taliban to regional meetings.

Muttaqi stressed that the presence of Taliban representatives adds to the importance of the Central Asian meetings related to Afghanistan.

The Taliban foreign minister discussed the Taliban’s participation in regional initiatives on Afghanistan during a meeting with Abdul Aziz Kamilov, Uzbekistan’s special representative for Afghanistan in Kabul.

The Taliban have repeatedly requested the presence of their representatives in meetings related to Afghanistan.

The Taliban was not invited to the Moscow consultative meeting on Afghanistan in 2022. At that time, the group called the meeting incomplete without the presence of Taliban representatives.

the Taliban foreign ministry in a statement said that Muttaqi appreciated Uzbekistan's "positive position" about Afghanistan. Muttaqi has also said that he hopes that the two countries will find solutions to common issues through bilateral relations.

The Uzbekistan special representative for Afghanistan has said that Tashkent is ready to advise the Taliban on agriculture and water management issues.

Kamilov also added that his country intends to increase the bilateral trade in Afghanistan to one billion dollars.

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