We Buried More Brutal Groups, like ISIS, Says Iranian Media

Tuesday, 05/30/2023

Following the criticism of Iranian media outlets, Jomhouri-e Eslami Newspaper in an editorial, wrote that Iran’s government should reconsider their relation with the Taliban.

This daily warned the Taliban that “Iran has buried more savages than them and they are nothing”.

This newspaper, in addition to praising Ahmad Massoud, has described the threatening and mocking words about the Islamic Republic by figures close to the Taliban as "naive chanting by some people affiliated with this group".

This newspaper pointed to the threats and wrote, “Let them know that we have buried people more brutal than them, that was bloodthirsty- ISIS. They [Taliban] count as nothing.”

Although the Iranian authorities are trying to downplay the recent border tensions in order to reduce the tensions with the Taliban, domestic newspapers, especially the press close to the Iranian regime, have harshly criticised the Taliban's dealings with Iran.

Jomhouri-e Eslami Newspaper, criticising the Iranian government's policy towards the Taliban, called the recent tweet of Ahmed Massoud, leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, as "sympathetic and wise”.

When the Iranian and Taliban border clash occurred on Saturday, Ahmad Massoud, quoted a poem of Rumi, and said he considered Iran's foreign policy to establish friendly relations with the Taliban as futile.

Like other domestic newspaper, Jomhouri-e Eslami also called the policy of close relationship with the Taliban as a mistake, including the handover of Afghanistan embassy to the group.

Masih Mohajeri, editor of this newspaper, is described as one of the conservative scholars of Iran.

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