Int’l Community & Iran Losing Patience With Taliban, Asserts Leading Anti-Taliban Figure

Tuesday, 11/28/2023

Mohammad Ismail Khan, a notable jihadi leader, expressed at the Herat Security Dialogue in Tajikistan that both Iran and the global community are growing increasingly disillusioned with the Taliban.

He observed that the Taliban's policies and the current state of affairs in Afghanistan have led the international community to hesitate in granting legitimacy to the group, considering the potential severe consequences.

Speaking on Tuesday at the dialogue in Tajikistan's capital, Khan pointed out that the Taliban's oppressive actions are only reinforcing resistance movements in various settings, including mosques and homes.

Ismail Khan remarked, "Resistance will ultimately overcome tyranny. The country's initial resistance was founded on this principle and progressed. Today's resistance follows the same conviction.”

He noted that the Taliban offers its opponents only two choices: death or allegiance. Highlighting the worsening economic conditions under the Taliban's 800-day rule, Khan mentioned the soaring unemployment and poverty rates.

He accused the Taliban of altering the demographic makeup of northern Afghanistan by settling Pakistani immigrants there, thereby heightening regional insecurity.

Khan also raised concerns about the establishment of numerous seminaries under the Taliban's governance, which he claimed are producing "suicide bombers," posing a security threat to neighbouring countries.

The former jihadi leader stated he continues to engage with leaders and politicians who fled Afghanistan following its fall. Ismail Khan, who battled the Taliban in Herat Province before its capture, was detained by the Taliban when Herat fell and was released shortly thereafter.

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