Iran Calls On Taliban To Act Against Perpetrators Of Attack On Hazaras In Herat

Saturday, 12/02/2023

The Iranian Embassy in Kabul has expressed its hope for the Taliban to swiftly identify and bring to justice the individuals responsible for the recent heinous attack in Herat city.

This violent incident tragically claimed the lives of at least six members of the Hazara community, including two Shia clerics, in the Jebrael area of Herat.

In a statement released on social media platform X on Saturday, the embassy vehemently condemned the attack, highlighting the loss of six individuals, amongst them two respected Shia clerics. The attack occurred on Friday afternoon in the Jebrael district, specifically between Shuhada town and Kore Melli town.

Sources indicate that the victims were returning from a memorial service for a Hazara cleric when they were ambushed and fatally shot in the Khoshroud area, located in the Injil district of Herat province. The aftermath of this tragedy saw Herat's residents protesting vehemently, carrying the deceased's bodies through the streets whilst raising their voices against the continued targeting of Hazaras.

This recent incident adds to a worrying trend in Herat, where four Hazara clerics have fallen victim to armed attacks over the past six weeks. The Taliban's Ministry of Interior has publicly decried the civilian deaths in Herat, labelling the event a "terrorist" act and acknowledging the loss of six "innocent compatriots." However, there has been no official statement regarding an investigation or efforts to apprehend those responsible.

In a strong response, the Afghanistan Freedom Front condemned the Herat killings as an ongoing assault on the Hazara and Shia populations in Afghanistan. The group has appealed to the international community, including the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, urging immediate intervention to halt these crimes against humanity and prevent further acts of genocide in the country.

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