US Seeks Clarity On China's Recognition Of Taliban Following Acceptance Of Group’s Envoy

Wednesday, 01/31/2024

Following the Chinese president's acceptance of the Taliban ambassador's credentials, Matthew Miller, a spokesperson for the US State Department, stated that Beijing's stance on recognising the Taliban remains unclear.

“I’ve seen those reports, and I think I would let the Chinese Government speak to what this means in terms of their relationship and whether they have formally recognised the Taliban or not,” he said.

He emphasised once again that the current relations between China and the Taliban will not change the US policy towards the recognition of the Taliban and that the group should take specific steps, including improving the rights of women, to gain recognition.

On Tuesday, publishing a picture, the Taliban's Foreign Ministry announced that Chinese President Xi Jinping accepted the credentials of Asadullah Bilal Karimi as the ambassador and representative of the Taliban.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi, Taliban’s foreign ministry spokesperson, wrote in a statement that Bilal Karimi's credentials were presented to Xi Jinping in a special ceremony along with the ambassadors of 41 other countries.

However, Miller stated that he is refraining from specific comments because he has also seen statements from the Chinese Government saying that their recognition of the Taliban has not changed.

He added that he wants to have clarity in this regard before making any formal statement.

Miller urged countries that are engaging with the Taliban to urge improvement in women and girls’ rights in Afghanistan.

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