Direct Hezbollah Or Engage in Fight Yourself, Taliban Tells Iranian Diplomat

Thursday, 02/08/2024

Taliban's media outlet, Al-Mirsaad, issued a response to a statement made by an Iranian diplomat regarding the potential deployment of suicide bombers from Afghanistan to the Gaza Strip.

In their response, the media outlet questioned why Iran hasn't directed Hezbollah to engage in the conflict or taken direct action against Israel, instead of killing Sunnis in Syria.

Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's Special Representative for Afghanistan, had stated in an interview with a state-controlled Iranian media outlet that, if necessary, more than one army of suicide bombers" will be deployed from Afghanistan to support Gaza.

Qomi considered the Taliban to be part of the "Axis of Resistance" in the region.

Iranian government designates the groups it supports, along with others combating the Western coalition and Israel in the region, as the "Axis of Resistance”.

On Thursday, Al-Mirsaad, a media outlet affiliated with the Taliban intelligence, responded to Kazemi Qomi's statements, saying that "both Iran and Israel are seeking to eliminate the Sunni Arabs in the Gaza Strip”.

It added, "What is Iran doing in Iraq? Who is Iran killing in Syria? What did Iran do in Yemen?”

In a statement published on the Al-Mirsaad website by Nasser Saeed, it has been written, "The matter of Palestine is, in fact, a concern for all Muslim nations and should be collectively addressed. However, Iran's ineffective policies in the Middle East have transformed the region into a significant threat."

This media outlet affiliated with the Taliban further elaborated, "Iran's support for Shia minorities in the area has contributed to their empowerment, leading to increased Iranian influence in the region. Such a policy has adversely impacted relations between Iran and the Gulf countries."

It added that one significant reason for the lack of interest from Arab countries in the Palestinian conflict is the strong relationship between Hamas and Iran.

“It is surprising that the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran kill Sunnis in Syria and Iraq, destroy their houses and demolish their mosques; [how] they defend Palestine?" expressed Taliban-affiliated media.

It continued stating that Qomi's statements indicate that Afghanistan is a breeding ground for fighters, many of whom they are irresponsible.

Al-Mirsaad added that if Iran revises its failed and biased regional policies, relative security could potentially be established, paving the way for steps toward the creation of an independent Palestine.

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