Taliban Won’t Be Recognised If It Does Not Fulfil Commitments, Says Washington

Tuesday, 02/13/2024

John Kirby, White House National Security Council’s spokesperson, has said that the Taliban government has not fulfilled its commitments and will not be recognised until it does so.

He added that there have been no attempts by Washington to "normalise" relations with the Taliban currently.

During a press conference, Kirby said that there has been no change in the United States’ policy towards the Taliban.

Till now, no country has recognised the Taliban government, and the international community has said that Taliban's failure to fulfil their commitments, particularly concerning women's rights has been the reason for it.

Over the past two and a half years of their governance, the Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on women's education, participation in society, and employment.

Furthermore, the Taliban has not shown a constructive response to the consistent calls from the region and the global community to establish an inclusive government.

Additionally, various reports from the Security Council indicate that the Taliban has sustained ties with terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda. Such associations have heightened concerns about the potential use of Afghan territory for activities against other nations.

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