Taliban Publicly Execute Two Men Accused Of Murder in Ghazni, Say Local Sources

Thursday, 02/22/2024

Local sources in Ghazni, who witnessed the execution of two accused at a stadium in the capital of the province, informed Afghanistan International that the Taliban carried out the execution by shooting down the individuals.

Eyewitnesses said that the Taliban forced the two individuals to lie on the ground and shot eight bullets at each individual through their spine.

They stated that the Taliban forces executed these two individuals at the football field in Ali Baba village in the capital of Ghazni province while imposing strict security measures. According to them, the people who gathered in the field passed through several security checkpoints, and "dozens of Taliban members" were standing in each row among the people in the stadium.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of the Taliban announced that with the approval of Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the group, two men were executed on charges of murder at a stadium in Ghazni.

The Taliban court disclosed the identities of the individuals as Sayed Jamal and Gul Khan.

The Taliban claimed that Sayed Jamal had killed a person named Amir Mohammad seven years ago, and Gul Khan had killed a person named Mohammad Qasim five years ago in Ghazni province. According to the Taliban, both murders were carried out with a knife.

In the statement by the Taliban, it has been stated that the death sentence of these two defendants was confirmed by the preliminary, intermediate, and final courts of the Taliban, and then Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of this group, reviewed and confirmed this sentence.

The execution took place despite concerns raised by human rights institutions which state that the Taliban courts do not adhere to fair trial standards.

In a research report, the human rights organisation, Rawadari highlighted issues such as discriminatory decisions, instances of torture, coerced confessions from the accused, lack of independence and impartiality, and violations of the principle of acquittal within Taliban courts.

The Taliban in Ghazni province urged residents to gather at the Ali Baba village football stadium to witness the execution of these two men.

As per the Taliban's announcement, several high-ranking officials of the group, including judges, had travelled to Ghazni to be present for the execution.

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