Taliban Detains Activist For Political Activity In Helmand Province

Tuesday, 04/23/2024

Local sources informed Afghanistan International that Abdul Ghafar Ishaqzai, an activist, along with his two sons, have been apprehended by Taliban’s intelligence agents in Helmand province for political activities.

Sources from Helmand told Afghanistan International's Pashto on Tuesday that Taliban’s intelligence agents raided Ishaqzai’s home in Lashkargah city, then arrested him and his two sons.

Ishaqzai is the head of a social association and previously has been a member of the consultative Loya Jirga in the former Afghan government.

While his family has not commented on the matter so far, close friends of Ishaqzai said that the Taliban severely beat up and tortured him and one of his sons, and after two days of detention, they released his second son.

It has been noted that following the Taliban's takeover of power, Ishaqzai had ceased his political activities and started business operations.

Officials from the Taliban in Helmand have refrained from providing any comments on the matter.

Barkatullah Rasuli, spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of Justice, recently issued a warning via a video message, saying that individuals involved in political activities will face severe legal repercussions. He emphasised that only charitable organisations are currently permitted to operate.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Justice disclosed that over the past year, it has referred two political parties, 75 associations, and several charity organisations to security agencies for "illegal" activities.

Recently, the Taliban’s Supreme Court also announced that for the first time in Kandahar two individuals had been sentenced to 15 years in prison for political activities, and another individual had been sentenced to 30 lashes.

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