Afghan-Pak Kharlachi Border Crossing Reopens After Six Days

Sunday, 05/26/2024

The Kharlachi border crossing located in the Dand Wa Patan district of Paktia, Afghanistan, has reopened after a six-day closure due to clashes between Taliban forces and Pakistani border guards.

The conflict, which lasted five days, was resolved last week through the mediation of local elders and officials from both sides. The initiation of the skirmish was attributed to the construction of a checkpoint by Pakistani forces at the zero point on the border.

Haji Raouf, a member of the local jirga involved in resolving the conflict, confirmed that the Kharlachi border crossing resumed normal commercial activities on Friday, 24 May.

During the clashes, local residents sent videos to Afghanistan International showing significant damage to shops and residential structures in the Dand Patan district market.

The Kharlachi border gate is one of the 18 official crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan, facilitating the daily passage of approximately 100 to 150 lorries. Transit trade at this crossing operates under a bilateral agreement signed in 2010.

The recent closure led to substantial financial losses for both Afghan and Pakistani merchants, many of whom depend on the steady flow of commercial goods across the border.

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