Proposal to Remove Taliban from Banned Organisations List Submitted to Putin, Says Kabulov

Monday, 05/27/2024

Zamir Kabulov, Russia's Special Envoy for Afghanistan said that the proposal to remove the Taliban from Russia's list of banned organisations has been submitted to Vladimir Putin, the president of the country for a final decision.

Kabulov stated that there are still some issues regarding the Taliban that need to be resolved before a decision can be made.

In a report published by TASS news agency on Monday, Russia's special envoy for Afghanistan, told the media outlet that Russia's Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs have informed President Putin that the Taliban can be removed from the list of banned organisations.

Kabulov mentioned that the possibility of Russia recognising the Taliban government is now much higher than when the Taliban first took over the power.

Last week, he also told TASS that the Taliban are "no longer enemies of Russia”. He added that while the Taliban might not be Russia's number one friends, they are not enemies either.

Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, Kabulov has consistently had an optimistic view of the group and has worked to strengthen the relationship between Russia and the Taliban.

In his interview with TASS last week, Kabulov said there are "certain political restrictions," but the relationship between Russia and the Taliban is "growing”.

In the past three years, Kabulov has played a significant role in facilitating relations between Russia and the Taliban. He previously stated that the Taliban trust Russia as the successor to the former Soviet Union.

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