AFF Warns Against Russia’s Potential Removal of Taliban From Terror List

Wednesday, 05/29/2024

The Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) has called Russia's potential decision to remove the Taliban from its list of terrorist groups as a serious threat to the security of Central Asia.

The AFF stated that any concessions to the Taliban would bolster all terrorist organisations.
On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister ,Sergey Lavrov, announced that Russia plans to remove the Taliban from its list of terrorist organisations.

Zamir Kabulov, the Russian President’s special envoy for Afghanistan, confirmed that the Russian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice have informed President Vladimir Putin that the Taliban could be delisted.

Expressing concern over this potential decision, the AFF warned on Tuesday, that "the threat of terrorism and fundamentalism is knocking at the doors of Central Asia”.

According to the AFF, the Taliban have ties with various terrorist groups, including Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Jamaat Ansarullah of Tajikistan, Al-Qaeda, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, and other militant organisations.

The AFF wrote that granting concessions to the Taliban would invite terrorism and fundamentalism into Central Asia and beyond.

The AFF further stated that Russia's potential decision would "be seen as a double standard in the global fight against terrorism and will be unworthy of a great country like the Russian Federation”.
The AFF concluded that the expansion of terrorist activities into Central Asia and within Russia is a direct result of the Taliban's takeover of power in Afghanistan.

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