Moscow Calls For Taliban To Establish Inclusive Government & Honour Promises

Thursday, 05/30/2024

Andrey Rudenko, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, emphasised on Moscow's expectation that the Taliban should fulfil their commitments to the international community, including the formation of an inclusive government.

According to RIA Novosti, the Russian state news agency, Rudenko affirmed, "Our stance on Afghanistan remains unchanged."

He further clarified, "We do not link conditions together. We expect the Taliban to adhere to all the promises they have publicly made to the international community. However, we do not make this a precondition nor do we tie it to their actions."

The report released on Thursday quotes Rudenko as acknowledging, "The Taliban are a reality on the ground, and we must take this into account." He added that trade between Russia and Afghanistan will continue.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking in Tashkent on Tuesday, highlighted the necessity of engaging with the Taliban. "How we manage relations with the current power [the Taliban] is another matter, but we must maintain some form of relationship," Putin stated.

He also mentioned ongoing consultations with regional partners, including Central Asian countries, concerning relations with the Taliban, stating, "We consider the opinions of each of our partners and friends and collectively shape our position."

The establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan is a significant demand from the international community, including Russia and its allies.

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