Several Shia Activists In Europe Stress On Armed Resistance Against Taliban

Thursday, 06/13/2024

More than 50 Shia figures from Afghanistan in Europe emphasised on the necessity of "firm resistance" against the Taliban at a meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.

These activists said that the Shia community must, if necessary, stand against the oppression of the Taliban, even through armed resistance.

This meeting, held on Saturday, June 8, was organised by Zakariya Mashkur Kabuli, a cleric and political activist, in collaboration with Shia Islamic centers in Frankfurt, Germany, to discuss the situation of Afghan Shias under Taliban rule.

The participants of the meeting said in a statement that the Taliban not only ignore the rights of Shias, but also that their policies threaten their security and lives.

The statement added, "The Shia community must stand against the oppression and tyranny of the Taliban in an organised manner and, if necessary, through armed resistance."

They also emphasised on the importance of cooperation and unity with other anti-Taliban forces.

Several Afghan Shias from Australia, Sweden, Turkey, and Iran also participated in this meeting online.

The participants stated in their joint statement that only by creating a united front they can stand against the "Taliban's aggressions" and achieve their civil rights and freedoms.

The statement added that this cooperation could include political, military, and social groups whose common goal is to confront the Taliban.

The activists in this meeting stated that trusting the Taliban is a mistake, emphasising that the Taliban consistently violate the rights of minorities and act with discrimination and repression.

The statement mentioned that the only way to preserve the rights and security of Shias is through continuous resistance and struggle against the Taliban.

They called on the international community and neighbouring countries of Afghanistan to support the Shia community's struggle against the Taliban.

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