Iranian Interior Minister Stresses On Expulsion Of Unauthorised Foreigners Once Again

Saturday, 06/15/2024

Ahmad Vahidi, Iran's Interior Minister, once again emphasised on the expulsion of "unauthorised foreigners," stating that his country cannot accept these individuals.

Vahidi stated that "all unauthorised foreigners must be returned to their countries," and those who do not create obstacles by their presence should be organised and monitored.

Iranian media reported on Friday, that Vahidi, on the sidelines of a meeting in Fars province, said, "We cannot accept unauthorised foreigners, and the acceptance cap for foreigners is a specific number based on labour market needs and the job atlas."

Iranian media and officials of the Islamic Republic primarily use the term "unauthorised foreigners" to refer to Afghan migrants in Iran.

This is not the first time Iran's Interior Minister has warned about the expulsion of Afghan migrants.

Last month, he had stated that in the past year, 1.3 million "illegal" migrants were expelled from Iran.

He added that Iran will not accept new foreigners, and all "unauthorised" foreigners must leave the country.

Following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, a significant number of people fled to other countries, including Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran detains thousands of Afghan migrants every week and deports them back to Afghanistan.

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