Emir's Tyranny Causes Islamic Societies' Decline, Says Ex-Taliban Official

Saturday, 06/15/2024

Abdul Salam Zaeef, the former Taliban ambassador in Islamabad, states that the tyranny and absolute rule of an emir are among the main factors leading to the decline of Islamic societies.

Zaeef explained that any "emir" who gains absolute power will gradually become an "absolute tyrant”.

According to Abdul Salam Zaeef, after an emir becomes a tyrant, he surrounds himself with flatterers and distances himself from knowledgeable and wise individuals.

This well-known diplomat of the Taliban, during the first rule of the group, wrote on X social media platform on Saturday, that over time, the decisions and orders of the emir are shaped by flattery.

Zaeef has suggested that a "powerful leadership council" could fill the void of an emir.

Zaeef, who held significant government positions during Mullah Omar's era, was arrested in Pakistan after the fall of the Taliban in 2001 and then, transferred to Guantanamo Bay prison.

After spending three years there, he was released from Guantanamo in 2005. Subsequently, during Hamid Karzai's presidency, he established a religious foundation named "Afghan Foundation" in Kabul.

In his note on X, Zaeef cited the neglect and abuse of responsibilities, as well as the mixing of personal desires with Sharia by the emir and his close associates, as other factors leading to the decline of Islamic societies.

This prominent Taliban figure emphasised that it is crucial for anyone taking on a responsibility not to neglect their duties. He insisted that if a person is not competent for the assigned responsibility, they should resign to allow someone else to take their place.

Zaeef also stated that it is important for law and Sharia to be implemented without "personal whims”. According to him, if decisions are made based on personal desires, it will cause division and disobedience.

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