US Officials Warn of Potential ISIS Attack In United States

Saturday, 06/15/2024

Following the arrest of six individuals on charges of membership in ISIS-Khorasan in the United States, some US officials have told CNN that a "dangerous" ISIS-linked cell could carry out an attack on US soil.

CNN reported that multiple US security officials believe that the withdrawal from Afghanistan has reduced the country's ability to gather intelligence on terrorism threats in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the New York Post, citing informed sources, reported that six Tajik citizens were arrested in three US cities on charges of membership in ISIS-K.

US intelligence officials are keenly aware of the intelligence-gathering gaps in Afghanistan, where ISIS-Khorasan is said to be based.

According to CNN, US officials believe that instead of training and field operations, ISIS-K is trying to radicalise and inspire attackers.

CNN did not name these US officials.

The US officials and analysts closely monitoring Islamist terrorist groups say that ISIS-K has significantly increased its online propaganda capabilities.

According to terrorism experts, citizens of Tajikistan, one of the poorest countries in the world with a population facing severe religious repression, are more vulnerable to recruitment by ISIS.

Colin Clarke, a researcher who specialises in terrorism, said that ISIS is strengthening its propaganda to reach "diasporas currently in Europe, North America, and the region and Central Asia, and is trying to encourage people to carry out attacks”.

Two US officials also said that immigration and intelligence officials are appropriately monitoring anyone traveling from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan to the United States.

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