Taliban Kills Former Security Forces Member In Takhar, Claim Local Sources

Wednesday, 08/24/2022

Local sources in Takhar province told Afghanistan International that Taliban members killed a former Afghan army officer named Nizamuddin in Warsaj district of this province, on Tuesday night.

According to the sources, Taliban took Nizamuddin’s car with them and killed him.

Sources added that on Tuesday night, Taliban arrested this former officer after stopping his vehicle. His corpse was found on Pul-e-Tarsht area of Warsaj district on Wednesday morning.

Taliban had announced general amnesty for former soldiers after taking over Afghanistan in 2021. However, according to the human rights organisations and media groups, the Taliban has arrested, tortured and killed tens of former security forces during the past one year.

Nizamuddin was a member of Afghanistan’s army in Balkh province.

Taliban officials have not commented on the issue yet.

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