Afghan Women Announce Support for Iranian People’s Protests


A group of Afghan women supported the Iranian people's protests and said that soon "the rule of brothers, fathers, and husbands will end”.

These women added that they have suffered the same pain which Iranian women are going through.

These Afghan women protested against the killing of Mehsa Amini, an Iranian woman who had died, after being tortured by the morality police in Iran.

A statement published on social media in support of Iranian women includes a list of Afghan female activists.

The statement stressed that Afghan women’s suffering isn’t different from the suffering of thousands of other Iranian women who have always fought against one of the leaders of the Islamic republic and have been repressed in the most severe ways possible.

These women have said that with the slogan, "death to the Taliban, whether in Kabul or in Tehran", they declared their solidarity with the women of Iran.

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