NRF Leader Responds To Critics, Questions Their Luxury Lifestyle

Saturday, 12/31/2022

The National Resistance Front (NRF) leader, Ahmad Massoud, confirmed that NRF commander Khair Mohammad Andarabi, had been killed because their ammunition ran out.

Massoud replied to his critics and said that they were not aware of the situation on the ground.

Speaking to Iranian journalist, Mohammad Hossein Jafarian, the NRF leader said that the cost of a watch or cloth of these critics could provide for the resistance fighters for a year.

Recently, Afghan political activists have criticised Ahmad Massoud for being inexperienced in military issues and that the forces under his command have been killed due to lack of ammunition.

However, in response to his critics, Massoud has said that in guerrilla warfare, the fighters cannot carry much ammunition. According to him, Andarabi had run out of ammunition after 30 hours of firefight and had been killed.

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