University Professor Sakhidad Sangin Released from Taliban Detention in Badakhshan

Wednesday, 04/12/2023

Sources told Afghanistan International that Sakhidad Sangin, a university professor, has been released from Taliban detention in Badakhshan.

Sangin, a university professor in Badakhshan province, had been arrested on March 26 for the second time.

Earlier, sources had told Afghanistan International that the Taliban had tortured Sangin. The university professor is a member of the Ismaili Hazara community and a resident of Baghlan province.

He has been one of the opponents of the Taliban's restrictions on women, especially the ban on girls' education.

According to sources close to Sangin’s family, charges regarding his detention have not been revealed by the Taliban.

This is the second time that the university professor has been detained by the Taliban.

According to the sources, the Taliban officials stormed Sangin’s room in 2022 during which they searched his room, beat him up, and confiscated his mobile phone and computer.

The sources also added that the Taliban had access to information about Sangin through his electronic devices.

It has been said that the Taliban had access to Sangin's mobile phone and used his social media accounts to contact his friends.

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