Taliban Deploys Heavy Military Equipment at Islam Qala Border With Iran

Wednesday, 05/31/2023

The Taliban has deployed heavy military equipment and weapons at the Islam Qala border with Iran.

Videos received by Afghanistan International show that a convoy of Humvees and tanks has been sent from Herat to the border with Iran.

According to local sources, the deployment of troops and advanced military equipment has taken place after verbal tension between the Taliban and the Iranian side.

Local sources said that the Taliban have prevented the construction of a road and the installation of barbed wire by the Iranian border guards.

After the reports about the tension between Iranian and Taliban forces at the Islam Qala border, Iranian media reported that the situation is calm in the border region.

Tasnim News Agency, close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, denied reports of tension between the Taliban and the border guards of the Islamic Republic.

On Tuesday night, it was reported the traders had evacuated fuel tankers and other transport vehicles from Islam Qala and Dogharon borders.

However, Taliban officials have not officially commented on deploying troops to the border at Islam Qala.

Reports of tensions at the Islam Qala border emerged as earlier the Taliban and border guards of the Islamic Republic engaged in a border skirmish in Nimroz.

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