NRF Announces Killing of 4 Taliban Members in Takhar

Friday, 06/02/2023

National Resistance Front (NRF) announced that its fighters attacked the Baharak district headquarters in Takhar province killing and wounding nine Taliban members.

NRF said that they fired several rockets at the Baharak district building.

On Thursday, the NRF added that in the attack, four Taliban members have been killed and five others have been wounded.

The Taliban has not reacted to the NRF claims yet.

In the past two weeks, it is the third attack by NRF forces on Taliban members. Earlier, NRF announced that they had attacked the Taliban forces at the Pol-e-Matak area in the Jabal Saraj district of Parwan province, causing "heavy casualties" to the Taliban.

The National Resistance Front is one of the two major armed groups fighting the Taliban and has been able to continue the armed resistance against the group in the past two years.

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