Taliban Conducts Heavy Weapons Military Training In Afghan Province Bordering Iran

Friday, 06/09/2023

The Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency, on Thursday, reported that the third regiment border forces in Nimroz conducted military training with heavy weapons.

Mohammad Nabi Mullahworor, a Taliban military official, said that the purpose of these exercises was to for more “military experience" of the Taliban forces.

Mullahworor stressed that these trainings have been conducted by “professional” trainers in Zaranj city of Nimroz province.

These trainings are conducted by the Taliban as there was a border skirmish that took place between Iranian and Taliban border guards in Nimroz province and Iranian border guards used heavy weapons and artillery in attacking Taliban positions.

Nimroz, which is on the border with Iran, has witnessed several armed clashes between the Taliban and Iran.

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