Afghan Education Activist Matiullah Wesa To Be Tried Without Access to Lawyer

Saturday, 09/30/2023

A member of “Pen Path” organisation said that in the coming days, the Taliban will prosecute Matiullah Wesa, an Afghan education activist.

According to the source, the Taliban did not allow Wesa to call for a lawyer and his trial will be held without the presence of one.

At the same time, Amnesty International has recently launched a campaign for the immediate release of Matiullah Wesa from Taliban’s detention.

Amnesty International reported that Wesa was detained for advocating against the prohibition of girls' education and has been in custody for six months.

Matiullah Wesa leads Pen Path, an organisation that has worked in remote villages in eastern and southern Afghanistan, encouraging local people to support their children's education.

He was arrested near his house in Kabul in March 2023. The Taliban have claimed that Wesa was arrested because of "anti-government activities".

A member of Pen Path told Afghanistan International, "There's no distinction between the Taliban court and the field courts; they lack due procedures.”

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